Ready for meaningful networking?
The easiest and most effective way to meet other like-minded health and wellness professionals.

Let Cync be the place where you are more than just another “connection".
Who we are

We are forward - thinking health and wellness professionals who believe in working together as a community.

But we know how difficult it can be to build your support network while running your own health and wellness business.

That's why we offer a valuable professional networking app exclusively for YOU. Collaborate, experience, and refer - on your time, anywhere.

Why Join?
Because you don't have to go it alone
Let Cync match you with our vast web of users. Send a message and arrange a call, a coffee meeting, or video call. Discuss goals, share ambitions, and express to others what gets you excited about practicing.
Find special offers near you, or match with health and wellness pros offering service trade options. Let this platform assist you in getting back to your best - physically, emotionally, and cognitively.
As health professionals, there is a deep, personal nature to the way in which we practice. Share this gift by advertising your services, specializations, and interests. As other health and wellness pros experience what makes you come alive in your practice, they refer your services with credibility and authenticity
Why wait? It's time to expand your own quality network quickly, easily, and effectively. Create your very own CyncWeb of like-minded professionals to have on hand when you need to reach or refer out.
How it works
Upload your credentials, and create your in-depth profile.
What makes you come alive?
List specializations, current health and wellness interests, and what is getting you most excited in the field today.
After completing the above steps, let Cync match you with other health and wellness professionals that will benefit from getting to know you and what YOU have to offer!
Stronger together. Tightening the web of Integrative Health and Wellness.

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